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What is a Projector

Before understanding the concept and working of a Projector, one should know what projection is. Projecting things or images onto a display screen is nothing new. All children enjoy Shadow play and though it is simple, yet it figures as the basis for projection technology.

Let’s understand how it works. Put an object or image in front of a light source and an obscure dim image of the object can be seen onto the wall or display screen. If you move object, it’s called an animated image.

Applications of a Projector

The applications of Projectors include:

In Classrooms

Projectors are used in schooling area for describing a topic. With the aid of a projector, videos or photograph become more enjoyable and children can easily learn by fun way. Further, we can easily zoom-in or zoom-out the image to clear the vision and to search minor points.

In Companies

Projectors are used in big MNC’s and enterprises for meeting, presentation and conference purposes.

At Home

Projectors are even used as home theaters that permit you to see the movie or any serial on a massive display with a first-rate sound nice, which makes you feel like you are staring at live.